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Old Reserve Arrack Expands Portfolio with Two Exquisite Limited Editions

East Indiaman 52 and Overproof Crystal 55

Old Reserve Arrack East Indiaman 52 and Old Reserve Arrack Overproof Crystal 55

Old Reserve Arrack, renowned for its authentic Sri Lankan spirits, has announced the introduction of two new limited edition products to its esteemed line-up: East Indiaman 52 and Overproof Crystal 55.

These unique blends will be available starting January 2023, enhancing the brand's diverse portfolio with its distinct flavors and exceptional quality.

The Old Reserve Arrack family is renowned for its commitment to traditional Sri Lankan distilling methods, which involve maturing pure coconut arrack for many years in casks of Halmilla and Teak. However, for these new limited editions, the brand has embarked on a novel journey involving the distillation process in South Africa.

East Indiaman 52 is a tribute to the historic East India trading companies, which played a pivotal role in the global spice trade. This spirit embodies the richness and diversity of these historical voyages, delivering a complex blend that delights the palate with myriad exotic flavors. Drawing on the rich heritage of Sri Lankan arrack, it offers a unique experience for those adventurous in their spirit selections.

Overproof Crystal 55, on the other hand, is a robust and potent blend, offering a higher proof for those who prefer their spirits strong and unyielding. This edition is created to exude clarity and purity, delivering a refined experience for discerning connoisseurs. Its strength and character make it a unique addition to the Old Reserve Arrack portfolio.

Both East Indiaman 52 and Overproof Crystal 55 have been developed and distilled in South Africa. In a testament to Old Reserve Arrack's commitment to maintaining the authenticity of their product, the arrack used in these blends is shipped directly from Sri Lanka.

This ensures the preservation of the distinctive taste and aroma that Old Reserve Arrack is celebrated for, while also introducing an innovative touch through the South African distillation process.

Old Reserve Arrack's introduction of East Indiaman 52 and Overproof Crystal 55 heralds an exciting new era for the brand, one where tradition and innovation intertwine to create a symphony of flavors. These limited-edition spirits serve as an embodiment of Old Reserve Arrack's commitment to excellence, extending an invitation to spirit enthusiasts to embark on a new journey of discovery. As the world steps into 2023, Old Reserve Arrack is ready to make its mark with these exciting new additions.


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